Explorations in Plant Spirit Medicine

Explorations in Plant Spirit Medicine

A 9 month Journey in Embodying the Intelligence of Nature

2018 Session: First Weekend of the Month from February thru December
(no classes in July or August)
DATES: Feb 3-4, Mar 3-4, Apr 7-8, May 5-6, June 2-3, Sept 8-9, Oct 13-14, Nov 3-4, Dec 1-2


Everything has sentience... the plants, the land, the elements, the rocks, the dirt we walk upon. Even that piece of wood on the trail or that dried herb in the cupboard that appears ‘dead’ is a living being. Understanding and allowing for the belief that everything around us is alive and has spirit is the first step in opening the door of perception to perceive the nature of the world around us. Plant Spirit Medicine is a way to consciously and respectfully connect to the spirit of the plant to gain understanding and insight into the seen & unseen world of the plant. It is a way to learn directly from the plant itself and forge a life-long relationship with the plant world. Plant Spirit Medicine heals not only us but the plants and the Earth herself. It is one of the most intimate heartfelt ways to connect to the plants.

In this program we will experience a variety of ways to directly connect to the spirit of the plants, the elements and the Earth herself. We will embody the teachings of plants, learning how to let the story/medicine of the plant move through us to inform all levels or our being. Our body, mind, heart and soul will be the translator for this process.

Each month we will focus on one local native plant, an aspect of herbal energetics and connecting to the plant world through creative expression. The weekend will be divided into sections and will include a lesson in herbal energetics, a plant spirit journey with a local native plant, creative exploration with the plants and outdoor time connecting to the land and all her relations.

In this series, you will:

  • Learn and understand the language of Herbal Energetics. Including the six tastes, tissue states and the five elements
  • Receive direct teaching from the plants
  • Learn in-depth medicine of 9 local plants
  • Explore different methods to open the doors of perception
  • What an Herbal Ally is and how to work with them
  • How to incorporate elemental medicine into your life
  • Different techniques in Plant Journeying
  • Connect to the plants through creative exploration - Botanical Art, medicine making, make watercolor from plants, singing, cooking and mask making
  • How to make and work with Flower Essences
  • How to weave ceremony into your herbal practice
  • Work on individual herbal ally projects
  • Become an Earth steward
  • Learn about energetic hygiene-personal responsibility

For this program you must be comfortable spending time outdoors in all types of weather, be interested in personal and planetary exploration, be willing to drop preconceived ideas on what medicine is and isn’t and take personal responsibility for your walk through this 9 month course.

Instructors: This class is being facilitated by Judy Lieblein, Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Master. Guest teachers include Cheryl Fromholzer - Clinical Herbalist and founder of Gathering Thyme, Madalyn Berg - Herbalist , Julia Rigler, Lauren Dyer- Artist & Educator and Heidi Irgens - Sound Healer


COST: The total cost of the program is $2500 and includes all hand-outs and supplies used for in class projects. Class begins Feb. 2018. Payment may be made in full or with a deposit of $500 and monthly payments of $250 due on the first of each month. A $500 non-refundable deposit secures a place in the class. Class size is limited. All levels welcome.

WHEN:First Weekend of Each Month from February thru December 2018

CONTACT: For more information, contact Gathering Thyme at 415-524-8693.

WHERE: Gathering Thyme • 1447 Fourth Street • San Rafael, CA 94901
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