This 30-hour course is $600 which includes all materials fees for take-home products made in class. You may pay in full, or opt for a $150 deposit to hold your space with 2 additional payments of $225 due July 15th and August 1st.

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2018 Summer Handcrafted Herbal Program

Six Sundays: July 15th through August 19th from 10-4pm

Join us for a fun-filled experiential foray into the wonderful world of herbs… from growing to harvesting to medicine making. This program balances times spend outside in our herb gardens with indoor time learning the ins-and-outs of using and making herbal medicine. We’ll weave in the culinary, folklore and medicinal uses of plants we have growing in our gardens along with bio-regional natives. This class is suitable for anyone with an interest in herbology and natural skincare from teens through adults.

In this dynamic series, you will:

  • Learn what herbs need to grow, what parts are used as medicine and when to harvest them.
  • Learn proper drying and storage techniques to maximize quality/vital force.
  • Become empowered with the knowledge necessary to care for your health naturally as we cover the utilization of herbs for common health issues as well as health enhancement.
  • Build a home healthcare kit while learning different medicine making techniques.
  • Discover the wonders of aromatherapy – learn to create floral waters/hydrosols from aromatic plants.
  • Learn to incorporate herbs into your daily diet for increased health and vitality.
  • Create your own herbal skincare products – spa day!
  • Deepen your connection to Mother Earth, building a strong relationship with plants used for food and medicine.

Students will take home extensive handouts and all the products created during their course.

This class is being taught by Gathering Thyme Founder and Community Herbalist, Cheryl Fromholzer. For more about Cheryl, please visit: Cheryl Fromholzer