We at Gathering Thyme are committed to helping you discover your natural ability to care for your health and the health of your family and friends using herbal medicine, aromatherapy and nutrition. Community education and outreach is a big part of our mission. We invite you to check out the short and long-term classes and workshops we have to offer.

We are a non-profit educational school through our fiscal sponsor, MarinLink. Your donation to our 501(c)(3) provides scholarships for low income women in the Bay Area.


Begins 09/20/17    Explorations in Traditional Western Herbalism - a 9 Month Comprehensive Program for the Beginning Herbalist - CLASS IS FULL. CALL OR EMAIL TO BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST.
Begins 10/05/17    Beyond the Basics: An Intermediate-Level Study in Western Herbalism - ONLY 1 SPACE LEFT.
Begins 01/08/18    Family Herbalism - a Daytime 6-Month Foundational Herbal Program
Begins 02/03/18    Explorations in Plant Spirit Medicine - a 9 Month Journey in Embodying the Intelligence of Nature


09/30/17    The Wisdom of Tulsi (Holy Basil) with Judy Lieblein
09/30/17    Conscious Menopause Support Group facilitated by Judy Lieblein
10/10/17    Women's Meditation with Mary St. Pierre
10/16/17    Surviving High School: Stress Management Skills for the School Year
10/22/17    Mommy and Me: DIY Cold Care with Madalyn Berg
11/11/17    The Wisdom of Poke with Judy Lieblein
12/09/17    The Wisdom of Mugwort Judy Lieblein


10/03/17    Building Immunity Against Colds and Flus with a Master Tonic
10/17/17    Tree Medicine and Food - Acorns and Bay Nuts
11/07/17    The Healing Power of Bone Broth
11/14/17    Food, Inflammation & Chronic Diseases
12/02/17    Doshic Chocolate

BOTANICAL COSMETIC CLASSES with Alice Encinas-Duvernell

11/05/17    Healing Emotions with Essential Oils... an Intro to Psychoaromatherapy
12/02/17    Doshic Chocolate
12/03/17    Treating Acne Naturally: 4 Steps to Success
12/03/17    Body Butters and Solid Lotion Bars


04/20/18    Three-Day Herbal Camping Trip to Pinnacles National Park
TBD    Four-Day Herbal Camping Trip to Los Padres National Forest
06/28/18    Four-Day Herbal Camping Trip to the Sierra Mountains