FATS IN HERBAL PHARMACY • June 1, 2019 • 10-4pm

FATS IN HERBAL PHARMACY • June 1, 2019 • 10-4pm


The instructor for this class is Karen Aguiar.

Traditionally animal fats were used in pharmacy to provide healing to injured skin. In this hands-on class we shall render lard, clarify butter to make ghee and use duck fat or beef tallow to make salves and a cream and demonstrate how to make suppositories. We will answer some questions as in what is an emulsion, what’s the best way to make an emulsion hand-whip or blender? What are some good preservatives, and more…

Students will bring home 1 oz. of each of the following products we'll make in class:

  • medicinal ghee

  • beef tallow

  • pork lard

For more information about Karen, please visit Karen Aguiar

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