Introduction to Traditional Western Herbalism

Introduction to Traditional Western Herbalism

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What does it mean to be an herbalist in the Western tradition? It means developing a deep relationship with the plants found growing in our meadows and forests, along streambanks and front yards, even in the cracks of sidewalks! It means learning to grow your own herbs to support your community and take the strain off our wild stands of plant medicines. It means finding your voice as a community herbalist to support the health of your community.

This class is an introduction to our Explorations in Traditional Western Herbalism 9-month course and provides a peek at some of the robust material we’ll cover in that course.

Cheryl will discuss several herbs including mushrooms found in our bio-region that have tremendous value in supporting our health and wellbeing. We’ll sample teas and tinctures and learn to view health and healing through the eyes of an herbalist.

Students who register for this class will receive a $50 discount off the deposit of the 9-month program that begins September 18th.

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