Cold Process Soap Making

Cold Process Soap Making


This beginners course will focus on Cold Process soap making, using sodium hydroxide (lye), blended with water, and organic oils to make soap! This demonstration course is really the best and safest way to begin your journey as a soap maker, as working with caustic substances like lye can be intimidating (and dangerous) for the novice.

We will explore the basics of preparing your work area, creating a formula and the step-by-step process of blending your ingredients - plus we will discuss online tools for getting the best results! If time permits, we will also discuss the process for making liquid hand soaps scented with essential oils. Each student will have an opportunity to get creative with some herbal garnishes & colorants, play with essential oil blending and leave with a small amount of soap to cure, cut and enjoy.

Colleen Bingham Solis is founder of the beauty brand Poppy Botanicals, and develops herbal formulas and products for cosmetic companies nationwide.

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