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WHERE: Gathering Thyme, 1447 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

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Essential Oils: An Invitation to the Present Moment – An Aromatic Journey Exploring the Science of Scent & Sensory Seduction with Julia Fischer

Sunday, October 21st from 9-4pm

Aromatherapy is far more than meets the nose. From medicine to muse, essential oils are the inspiration for healing on the most intimate level. Fragrance, even to researchers, is a potent interceptor of intellect and ego and bypasses the brain’s persistent, linear desire to “figure things out”. But who knows better than the plants themselves who select pathways that connect directly to emotion and memory? By learning about genuine essential oils it is believed you can both refine and focus your therapeutic self-care and satisfy your deepest longings for the natural world. This class promises to be a very personal journey for all participants and will illuminate both the medicine and the magic of essential oils for everyone who loves life.

This class will challenge you to approach aromatic plants as highly communicative co-inhabitants of our shared planet, learn some vocabulary of plant language, listen for the messages within the molecules, engage in conversational botany, and find the meeting point of essential oils and human healing.

Some of our discussions will include:

  • An ecocentric approach; why plants rock

  • New principles for working with essential oils intentionally and mindfully; human and ecological sustainability, planting the planet with diversity, meditation and being present, medicine, molecule and muse

  • Aromatic plants; who they are, where they’re from, genuine vs everything else

  • Comparing aromatic hydrosols with essential oils

  • Selection of specialty fixed vegetal (carrier) oils

  • Aromatic chemistry / your chemistry

  • Developing a home practice

  • First aid necessities

  • Plus all your questions about quality, distillation, sourcing, chemotypes, ingestion, diffusers, etc.

Julia Fischer is a lover and enthusiastic voice of aromatic plants with over 30 years experience studying, teaching and practicing aromatherapy. She has contributed to or authored numerous articles and books on aromatherapy and natural healing, is currently apprenticed to a master distiller and is the consulting aromatherapist for Eden Botanicals. Her emphasis on aromatic chemistry, made accessible to even the novice, is just one key to understanding the pharmacology of essential oils – intelligent, direct experience provides equally relevant access and is emphatically stressed. Her classes cover all aspects of aromatherapy, from the chemical to the alchemical, and are hugely empowering for anyone interested in aromatherapeutics and health independence.