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Holistic Animal Care with Dr. Cheryl Schwartz

  • Gathering Thyme School 1447 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901 United States (map)

May 18th 12-3pm

Practical Chinese Medicine, Diets, Herbs & Remedies to Support your Furry Friends

The “-tudes” are the natural essence of an individual. They guide us through life emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  Although we all have aspects of each of these natural tendencies, every one of us is unique, with one or two “-tudes” being dominant.  The interaction between these natural forces makes up a physiology system in Chinese Medicine.  When one of the natural forces is out of balance, it affects all the rest, and symptoms of dis-ease come up. Fixing the dis-ease is important. What we really need is to re-balance and support the underlying natural essence or “-tude” to be healthy.   Take a look at the “-tudes” and see where your animal friend, or you, fit in so that you can both maximize connection.

March 16th - The Exuberant Royal Charismatic “Tude”
This is the FIRE Force of Nature. Corresponds to the Heart/Heart Protector (Pericardium)/Triple Heater in Chinese Medicine. These bold and curious, exuberant individuals meet and greet everyone ecstatically. They are good looking, funny, love praise, love playing games, and being the center of attention. Me! Me! Me!  They are natural “leaders” and everyone loves to be around them.  Examples of unbalanced Fire-tude may be hyper-ANXIETY, training overwhelm, not being able to keep weight on, nervous system disorders, heart or circulation issues, body temperature regulation, or nervous diarrhea and vomiting.  

April 13th - The Athletic, Competitive Sport Captain “Tude”
This is the WOOD Force of Nature. Corresponds to the Liver and Gall Bladder in Chinese Medicine. Woods are extremely athletic, strong, solid, competitive and alpha military type leaders. They work hard and insist that you do, too.  They are bold, decisive and capable. In fact, it’s their way or the highway. Liver regulates our mood. Digestion, especially of fats, is under Wood’s domain and the Liver and Gall Bladder work hand and hand with the Earth Stomach and Pancreas. Wood smoothly directs the Blood and energy flow in the body, managing pain. Examples of unbalanced Wood-itude may be depression, frustration or anger, liver or gall bladder issues, vomiting bile, cramping, headaches, pain in any part of the body, hip arthritis, tendon, ligament or joint issues.

May 18th - The Behind-the-Scene Compassionate Compadre “Tude”
This is the EARTH Force of Nature. Corresponds to the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas, and lymphatics in Chinese Medicine. Anything related to digestion and the absorption of food through the body can be part of the picture. These sweet, kind, responsible, and steady caregivers love everyone, and don’t mind taking a back-seat out of the limelight. Being part of the family is very important. They make fabulous baby sitters and live to eat. They enjoy respect and love to eat. They jump on counters surfing for leftovers, always being cordial about it. Examples of unbalanced Earth-itude may be WORRY, almost any stomach disorder, diarrhea, absorption issue, pancreatitis, weight gain, or irritation at working or getting off the couch.

Cheryl Schwartz, DVM is a well-known (and much loved) practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine in the Bay Area with an office in Alameda. She has practiced and taught herbal veterinary care longer than anyone in the US and is internationally-known as the author of Four Paws, Five Directions. We are so pleased to have Cheryl back to teach us to care for our four-legged friends.

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COST: $65 per person, pre-registration is required as Dr. Schwartz’ classes always sell out!

CONTACT: For more information, contact Gathering Thyme at 415-524-8693.