After years of dreaming and planning, we joyously opened the doors of our independent,
women-owned herb store and healthcare clinic in 2010.

We’re Cheryl Fromholzer, Western Clinical Herbalist
and Judy Lieblein, Clinical Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master.

We’re grateful for the paths that brought us here and helped us develop our distinct areas of expertise. There’s no doubt we were each put on this earth to promote health and well-being using herbs and food as medicine. Our passion is sharing the deep healing wisdom of the plant world with you through our Herb Store, Premier Holistic Healthcare Clinic, and Education Center.


Meet Cheryl Fromholzer
Western Clinical Herbalist

Each day I draw on my 25 years of experience in herbal medicine to help create vibrant community health. As you might imagine, I love what I do. I’ve been studying Western herbalism and aromatherapy since 1990 and my current clinical work focuses on stress, endocrine disorders and women's healthcare.

As an herbalist, I’ve studied with many different masters in the field of herbal medicine. I began teaching my own herbology classes while still working my day job. Once my daughter left home to embark on her own life goals, I decided it was time to quit my corporate job and embark on my own life’s path.

Again and again, I’ve seen how each person’s innate vital force is enhanced by using natural medicine and remedies. My staff and I provide proven remedies and tools that help our clients truly heal themselves.

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Meet Judy Lieblein
Clinical Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner

Since 1994, I’ve been working with adults, children and animals in addressing their physical, mental, emotional concerns. My work is focused on cultivating health and well-being, empowerment, personal responsibility, and independence with the use of medicinal herbs, flower essences, energy work and self-awareness practices.

I have a general practice with specialties in

  • Plant Spirit Medicine

  • Spiritual Emergence/Transformational Processes/Kundalini

  • Grief work and Menopause

I offer consultations in person or by phone, as well as mentorships and classes in Plant Spirit Medicine, Herbal Energetics, Earth Stewardship and Shamanic Herbalism.

Phone: 650.464.5289
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