Testimonials From Our Graduates

"I have taken herb classes from a few different teachers, everyone has something a little different to offer and you learn different things from different teachers. Taking the classes at Gathering Thyme has been awesome! Cheryl has a huge wealth of information to pull from in addition to using guest teachers for an even more complete coverage of the huge field of Herbal knowledge. She balances out the lecture part with hands on making medicine and field trips so we get a real good well rounded knowledge. In addition, having the herbal supplies on hand for all your needs is amazing. Also I'm sure a lot of her students as I did, come from being customers in "Gathering Thyme". In my many visits with questions, Cheryl was always beyond helpful and extremely forthcoming with information. This is a service that is priceless. She is also very conscious of sustainable gathering, and very ethical in where she buys her herbs and supplies from. These two issues are very close to my heart, which makes me so happy to be learning and buying from Cheryl."

Robyn, San Anselmo

"Herbal training at Gathering Thyme was in fact the most important experience in my spiritual path thus far. Not only did I feel I received a great understanding of herbal medicine, but I received the gift of awakening my soul. Gathering Thyme is a magical place and a gem that I hope is around for many years to come and a place that many more will experience."

Gala, San Anselmo

"Gathering Thyme Herb School was a wonderful and rewarding experience. The incredible amount of valuable wisdom and information that I received stays with me today. It made me a better healer for myself and family and opened me up as a person. Cheryl has made an important mark in our community along with all the other remarkable teachers that teach there! I love Gathering Thyme. The moment you walk through the doors, you feel at peace. We are so lucky to have it in our backyard!"

Nayana, San Rafael

"Gathering Thyme herb school was a huge life changer for me. Through it, I discovered a whole new world full of wonder, spirit, and heart. Cheryl and her herb school staff make the magical world of healing plants come alive in a warm, embracing, and loving atmosphere. Everyone should take this course! The earth needs people who know this stuff! Bless you Cheryl for making it available!"

Barbara, New Mexico

"I highly recommend the Herb School at Gathering Thyme. The teachers are wise and compassionate. Their love and respect of herbs took me deep into the knowledge of western herbalism."

Jan, Woodacre