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At Gathering Thyme, our passion is supporting our community’s well-being through holistic, natural healthcare that embraces the whole person.

We believe that in our lifelong quest for optimal wellness, the body, mind, and spirit are all connected.

Our mission is to make the world not only healthier, but more beautiful, nourishing, and kind. It all starts with our own neighborhood and community - and that includes you.

So whether you’re searching for relief from health challenges, dream of living a healthier life, or you want to expand your knowledge of natural healing modalities, we’re so glad you’re here.


Come on in,
and take a deep breath -
you’re in the right place.


Herb Store

Our staff of experienced clinical Western herbalists is always available to help you find the best herbal and natural remedies. Visit our brick & mortar shop or…


Holistic Healthcare Clinic

Our highly-trained holistic practitioners are here to walk with you through your healing process. Learn more about how we can support you in healing on every level.


Education Center

Our classes and training programs make the world of healing plants come alive! Dip your toes into the waters of plant-based medicine, or become a fully-trained herbalist.


“Gathering Thyme Herb School was a wonderful and rewarding experience. The incredible amount of valuable wisdom and information that I received stays with me today. It made me a better healer for myself and family and opened me up as a person.”

— Nayana, San Rafael

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