Founder, Clinical Herbalist & Educational Director at Gathering Thyme

Cheryl Fromholzer

Cheryl is passionate about connecting people to the deep healing wisdom of the plant world. She is dedicated to the gentle and nurturing power of herbal medicine and focused on creating vibrant community health. Cheryl has been immersed in the wild world of Western herbalism and natural healthcare for over 25 years. She has studied with some of the most brilliant minds in herbal medicine and is delighted to bring many of those same voices to her community through a myriad of educational programs. The Gathering Thyme herb store, School of Western Herbalism and Holistic Practitioner Partnership were born of her desire to be of service and share her extensive herbal knowledge.

Cheryl believes in each individual's innate vital force and using natural medicine to support and enhance health. She and her staff provide expert guidance, draw on a wealth of academic experience and provide the supplements and tools to help people connect to the resources they need to heal themselves.

Cheryl is also the founder and creative alchemist behind North Rose Botanicals, a line of all-natural and organic skincare and botanical medicines found locally at Gathering Thyme, Pediatric Alternatives and Good Earth Natural Foods.

Cheryl is the lead instructor for the beginning and intermediate/advanced herbal programs and offers her knowledge of a vast herbal materia medica and herbal therapeutics. She also teaches medicine-making skills and botanical cosmetics.